Tickets on Sale! I am Her. She is Me.



Empowered Mothers, Empower Daughters

Bringing mothers and daughters together to form even stronger relationships through innovative and interactive approaches.

Facilitated by Carrie Grace, renowned teacher and motivational speaker. *

Carrie Grace inspires us to lead with joy and kindness. She teaches us how to “LOVE BIG”.

Her workshops inspire mothers and daughters to improve communication, break unhealthy

patterns, and find support through community during the pre-teen and teen years – and beyond.

This year’s I Am Her. She Is Me. is about empowering women through mindful kindness.

Jenny Schatzle returns by popular demand to open our 2nd Annual event. Jenny doesn’t just

change bodies; she changes lives. Jenny is a Fitness/Nutrition expert and Life Motivator; and

creator of the hugely successful Jenny Schatzle Fitness Program.

Pre-teen and teen girls need their mothers more than they know.  They want and need

personal connection – not virtual connection. Leading with mindful kindness, this event offers mothers and daughters new insights into how to “pay it forward”, and how to give back.

Including break-out sessions, light refreshments, exciting ideas and a powerful final hour that brings everyone together with clear intentions- the bonds fostered at this event will help empower the next generation of female leaders.

Join us in creating a lasting legacy. Join us in celebrating mothers and daughters, and helping women supporting women.

*Carrie has been featured in USA Today, Huffington Post, and His Radio.

All proceeds benefit the Arts Mentorship Program, a Santa Barbara non-profit organization providing creative guidance, mentorship, and financial support to young and emerging performing artists.

This event is specifically designed for girls ages 10 – 17 and their mothers. We welcome all relationships– grandmothers, aunts, stepmothers, mentors…relationships of all shapes and sizes are more than welcome to join us!


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