I am Her. She is Me.


Bringing Mothers and daughters together to form even stronger relationships through innovative and interactive approaches.

Facilitated by Leslie Scott, a powerful facilitator, superstar choreographer (Beyoncé!), activist, and mother, this workshop will empower mothers and daughters to have better communication, break unhealthy patterns, and find support and community during the pre-teen and teen years, and beyond.

With a rousing welcome from Jenny Schatzle, the underlying theme is self-love, a necessary action for mothers to pass on to their daughters.

Yes to independence, but not to wide, open spaces. We promise that pre-teen and teen girls need their mothers more than they say. They want personal connection despite the devices in their hands.

Come for an inspiring opener, lunch, break-out sessions for mothers, daughters, and a powerful final hour that brings everyone together with clear goals and intentions for the future.

The bonds fostered at this event will help empower the next generation of female leaders, while creating a lasting legacy that shows Santa Barbara is a community that values the importance of the relationship between mother and daughter, and women supporting women.

This event is designed for girls ages 11 – 17. We welcome all relationships– grandmothers, aunts, stepmothers, mentors…relationships of all shapes and sizes are more than welcome to join us!

To inquire about scholarships for this event, please contact Elizabeth at info@ampsb.org