Configuration 2019

  Our gorgeous Company dancers will be taking on the stage March 9th-16th for Configuration! Get your tickets now at, they’re selling fast!

No Limits 2019!

We are thrilled to announce the dates of our 2019 No Limits program! Don’t let anything keep you from dancing. We offer classes with no financial obligation, and for children with disabilities. Check out the schedule, and use the link to sign up! Space is limited!

I Am Her. She is Me. 2019 Tickets on Sale!

Save the date! Our annual I am her. She is me. program is here! An afternoon of fun and connection for mothers and daughters with facilitation by Dr. Colleen Crowley, renowned psychologist, and a self defense workshop with Dr. Teri Jory, 4th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Jenny Schatzle  (Bond Fitness) will be[…]